Anna Zamboni also realized several video dance projects, both as performer and director, attending to film festival and exhibitions.


Anna Zamboni
Futurist Dance
Music from:
"I Pupazzetti" of Alfredo Casella
Altare Glass Museum

Come Onde Curve Spirali

___ From the passion for Futurist movement has born the movie "Come Onde Curve Spirali", a choreography based on asymmetrical positions of the body, the contrary, the opposition and the unusual against the background of violent colors and contrasting.

___ The artist builds geometric shapes with metal hoops recalling the "dancers" by Fortunato Depero and costumes by André Derain. Thanks to lightweight veils, the geometric shapes of the body are contaminated by the dynamic dimension of speed, the distinguishing feature of Futurism.

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YEAR: 2010
PERFORMER: Anna Zamboni
DIRECTOR: Karin Gartner
VIDEO EDITING: Maresa Lippolis
MUSIC BY: Beluga
PROJECTED AT: Sguardi Altrove Film Festival - Milan, 2009


___ The concept of the film, “Navat”, directed by Israeli Tarin Gartner in which Anna Zamboni is the protagonist and performer, was inspired by the desire of examining a perfect theory. The ballet that has strict rules and consists of a careful study to perfection, in this work is transferred in an environment which is not its own, the seashore. Propose a classical dancer an area not suitable, such as sand, to experience how a clear poem can break or become a new poem. The effort to strive for perfection when it is impossible raises the conflict between what you want and what you can do.

___ The film was presented at Sguardi Altrove Milan Film Festival, 2009.

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YEAR: 2013
LOCATION: Ascona (Switzerland)
FIRST PROJECTION: EXPO days - Milan, May 2013

Passi di Confine (Border Steps)

___ In 2013 Anna Zamboni creates a work of video dance, entitled “Passi di Confine” ("Border Steps"), where she investigates the meeting between Nature and THE ARTIST the generating power and Art. Against the backdrop of Monte Verità in Ascona (Switzerland), the mountain of utopias, she wants to experiment the boundary between artist and nature with body and movement. It's the limit concept that interests her, not as a barrier to ensure protection and exclusion, but as an "intermediate space", a space of contact in which to venture. A danger, but also an opportunity.

___ Alongside the short film, photos of backstage and performance, some video highlights and direct shots complete the work.

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