In her research, Anna Zamboni has been dealing with contamination between different languages of art: dance, theater, poetry, visual arts, music, cinema,

attending to inaugurations, opening ceremonies and art exhibitions in several important location in Italy and abroad, as:
/   Palazzo Reale of Milan   /   Circolo della Stampa of Milan   /   Porta Romana Theatre of Milan   /   Epper Museum of Ascona (Switzerland)   /   Glass Museum of Altare   /   Careof Gallery of Milan   /   Crespi Gallery of Milan   /  
but she brought her art also in alternative places as Leoncavallo community center.

She worked with the poet Franco Gentilucci interpreting "La ragazza Carla", by Elio Pagliarani, "La signorina Felicita" by Guido Gozzano and many other female characters represented by E. Pagliarani, G. Gozzano, G. Lorca , T. Eliot, etc.

2011 July
Riccardo Crespi Gallery
___ Milan

Finissage "L'ombre de l'autre rive": site specific dance and voice exhibition inspired by the work of the French artist Stéphanie Nava "Object de traduction".

2009 October
Sforzesco Castle
___ Milan

Futurist dance performance in occasion of the launch of the book "Futurist Milano. Places, works, events", by Anty Pansera and Mariateresa Chirico.

2009 April
Glass Museum
___ Altare (Savona)

Futurist dance performance in occasion of the opening ceremony of "FuturAltare", art exhibition dedicated to Futurism centenary on the music "I Pupazzetti" by Alfredo Casella.

Epper Museum
___ Ascona

Performance inspired by the main characters of "La Traviata" di Giuseppe Verdi in occasion of the launch of the solo exhibition of Rolf Gerard (set and costume designer for NY Metropolitan Museum). The performance has been broadcasted on RSI (general television channel for the Italian-speaking Swiss).

1993 November
Care-of Gallery
___ Milan

Free performance inspired by the sculptures of the artist Isabella Puliafito in occasion of the preview of the art exhibition "IDEO-GRAMMI".
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1993 January
Palazzo Reale
___ Milan

Futurist dance performance in occasion of the art exhibition "Cesare Andreoni and the Futurism in Milan".

Photo © Mario Taito

Porta Romana Theatre
___ Milan

Performance based on the character Signorina Richmond by Nanni Balestrini.

“Ofelia o l’incertezza della paura”: in occasion of Idroscalo Summer Festival of Milan and many other theatrical festivals in Italy.

Sforza castle
___ San Giuliano Milanese

“Atmosfera”: performance presented at Rocca Brivio, the Sforza castle (1600's) in the outskirts of Milan (San Giuliano Milanese).

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