Anna Zamboni trained in Milan at the Strauss School and in Paris at Ecole du Ballet-Theatre Joseph Russillo.

She perfected her technique with international dancers and choreographers as Susanne Linke, Kazu Ono, Carolyn Carlson, Dominique Dupuy, Philippe Dahlmann, Peter Goss, Kilina Cremona, Yorma Uotinen, Matt Mattox, Elisabeth Schwartz (Isadora Duncan’s student), Angelin Prejocaj, Joe Alegado, Robert North and Bruce Mayer, actor from the Peter Brook Company.

Specifically for the classical technique, she studied with: Helena Sadowska, Robert Streiner, Iride Sauri Carbone, Jozo Borcic, Gianni Zari.


More than 20 years ago she founded the Anna Zamboni Ballet School in Milan (www.annazambonidanza.it), where she’s till teaching to kids, teenagers and adults.


As mime dancer at Teatro alla Scala of Milan, she worked, among the others, with internationally renowned directors as Bob Wilson, Liliana Cavani, Lamberto Puggelli, Jerome Savary, Pier Luigi Pizzi, Nicolas Joel.


She attended to Expo 1992 in Seville (Spain) at Teatro de la Maestranza with Teatro alla Scala of Milan.
She also danced at Teatro Donizetti of Bergamo and Teatro Grande of Brescia (Italy).

Visit the website of the Dance School "Anna Zamboni - Scuola di Danza & Movimento" > www.annazambonidanza.it